Diet care services follows the standard diet plans and have certified and experienced dietitians and wellness counselors. Our mission & vision is to develop an understanding of food & nutrition. Diet care provides healthy diet consultation for Weight loss, Therapeutic Diets, Body fitness Diets, besides enhancing the medical status of an individual.

We follow the standard diet plans (based on the requirement ), for any of our services, so results may vary from an individual to another depending upon Age, Medical conditions, Gender, Lifestyle and Family Medical history. If any medical condition persists and taking medicine on regular basis then please consult medical doctor before beginning any new diet plan. We should be well informed about the Medical conditions, ongoing treatments and need of an individual. The Dietitian shall not be responsible for any adverse effect occurred on following diets as prescribed by the Dietitian.

The information provided by the Dietitian is only for maintaining good health of a person, and can not to be considered as medical advice or instruction.

The customers are required to register only after a clear understanding of the “How the diet plans works for weight loss?” and process involved with Diet care, it cannot be held liable thereafter. Please consult your physician or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your medical issues.

We charge as per the package for each diet plans on monthly basis which you take with us. Gaps & irregularities in following the diet plans will not be considered for future adjustments or refund until informed in advance.

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