Swati Bhadari

The dietitians here are professional and intelligent. They first analyse your health and then suggest a diet. What they advice is easily available in the market. Throughout your diet term, they contact you for suggestions and feedback, which is very impressive. Overall, they are a good team who give you a valuable diet plan.

Ekta Gupta

Shalini j Hina j you both are awsome. Only because of u both I m able to do maintaing my self perfectly. Otherwise I was doing so much exercise n yog but that were not so much effective but now I m so happy. You both are genius.

Shikha Kaushal

My Dietititan is amazing at her job and she truly cares about her clients. When I was doing terribly with my eating, she cared enough. She has helped me so much in developing habits and routines that help me to stay on track. Today, I am conscious about what I eat and drink, I eat […]

Shradha Jain

Shalini is an amazing dietician, not just because she gives an effective and easy to follow diet plans but also because she is an amazing person and available for you 24*7. She respects their clients time and take care of it probably even more than them. I am sure she must be having several clients […]

Ankur Bansal

It’s the best … suitable fir all kind of people… miss Shalini’s diet plans are too flexible and very effective. She understands your schedule and plan your diet accordingly and that’s make the diet very easy to follow. And that’s make Shalini ji different from others…